Hudoor ™

Hudoor™ is a web platform for tracking time attendance, suitable for governments and private sectors. By using a website; employees now can track thier own attendance easily. in addition, Managers can track their employess daily, weekly or monthly.

Attendance tracking system
تقديم اجازة او استئذان في نظام الحضور

Self Services

Now Employees can submit their vacations and leaves based on your roles. Hudoor™ apply approval workflow for each request, and once the request approved or rejected manager and employee get notified either by sms or email.

Staff resort

Hudoor™ is your simple solution to solve your complex tasks.

جدول دوام الموظفين للحضور والانصراف

Fixed Time

Fixed time with flexibility for attend, whether one shift or more in a day.

الحضور والانصراف في رمضان

Ramadan Time

Apply special timing in ramdan based on ummulqura calendar.

نظام المناوبات في الحضور والانصراف

Shift Resort

Resort Employees over shifts , daily, weekly or monthly.

Story with each report

Hudoor™ has many kinds of reports this include daily, and monthly reports in addition to employee's reports. Reports are classifed based on the employee position, some for normal employee and other for managers. all reports are exported to PDF and excel.

تقارير الحضور والانصراف
برنامج حضور يعرض تقارير مفصلة

Summary Reports

Status at a glance

Provide Attendance summary
based on custom period

كشف الحضور والانصراف للموظفين

Detailed Reports

no more questions

Explore reports in details
based on custom period

برنامج حضور وانصراف للموظفين

Charts Reports

A picture is worth a thousand words

review attendance with charts
that give you alot of info.


we always try to provide better value

كشف حضور الموظفين


Report for employee , report of branches and departments, actual hours of work, hours of attendance, hours of delay.

حضور وانصراف ويب


with simplicity of web, any employee can track his attendance without asking any one

صلاحيات الحضور والانصراف


permissions can be assigned for employee, manager and system admins

خدمات ذاتية للحضور

Self services

ability to request vacations and leaves from the system and goes into workflow for approval

اشعارات الحضور والانصراف


Sms and email notification for absent and late

كشف الغياب والحضور


dashboard includes statistics forabsences, late, early attendance, details of each departments, vacations today.


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Hudoor™ Cloud Prices

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49 SR

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5 Employees


99 SR

per month

10 Employees


399 SR

per month

50 Employees